Event streaming

Technology evolves at lightning speed, and consumer expectations skyrocket. Standing still is not an option. The question isn't just about gathering data anymore; it's about how swiftly and effectively you can analyze and act upon it in real time.



Store and process events for real-time data and messaging at scale

We utilize the power of event streaming through Apache Kafka—a cornerstone technology for real-time data and messaging at scale. Kafka offers a robust, efficient platform for stream processing. With it, we ensure the seamless storage and processing of event streams, enabling you to meet the demands of today's fast-paced digital landscape confidently and competently.

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Business benefits from event streaming

Companies face the challenge of navigating through vast oceans of data generated by numerous events daily. Making decisions in this data flood can be daunting.

Here's where our expertise comes into play. By strategically applying event streaming, we unlock the potential for reliable insights, enabling swift decision-making and significantly improving customer experiences. Our approach ensures that the right data reaches where it's needed in time and ahead of time, paving the way for proactive strategies and actions.

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Event streaming for Business Intelligence

In every forward-thinking company, the BI (Business Intelligence) department is a hub where data transforms into strategic insights. However, the real transformation happens when real-time data flows are integrated, bridging the gap between traditional analytical BI and the dynamic needs of operational BI.

By leveraging event streaming, we're delivering the power of the 'here and now'—enabling immediate, informed decisions that drive business agility and innovation.

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Transforms data into opportunities

Starlify does more than just map your data landscape, it also integrates with cutting-edge technologies like Kafka, ensuring your team has the freshest insights at their fingertips. Imagine empowering every department to make quick, well-informed decisions, and unlocking a new dimension of competitiveness and innovation.